Ads That Don’t Make Sense.

Geico Print Ad

This week I continued to look through GQ magazine (March issue) and came across an advertisement that seemed a bit off. We all know that little lizard from Geico. Well, in this advertisement they are using their phrase “15 minutes to see how much you can save”. In the print ad that appeared in GQ magazine, they used a creative device by comparing two different things. They said “It took forever to find those perfect shades” and comparing that to how it only takes 15 minutes to see how much you can save. They are comparing the time it takes to pick out the perfect sunglasses and to find out how you can save money by switching to Geico. When I saw this, I thought it was totally bizarre because why would they ever compare insurance and saving money to sunglasses? It’s good to compare products to show exactly what you’re trying to prove however, I don’t think this was the correct way to do so.

There are so many different advertisements throughout the world. I think in one of my first posts, I said that all high fashion advertisement didn’t make any sense to me. Those Louis Vuitton print ads of people in random locations with just the bag are totally weird. I guess in a way I understand they are selling the idea and the emotions. But I still don’t favor these types of ads.

Louis Vuitton Print Ad

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