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Advent 2

My name is Cree Franklin, I am a senior Advertising major here at Temple. I am currently interning with a small company called Advent. It is located in the Roxborough section of the city. Working with Advent has been a pleasure. It is a fairly new company, they have only been open for about a year and a half now. Joining the Advent team has taught me a lot about the advertising business and starting a new company. Joe (the owner) has made the experience very interesting and keeps all of the interns in the loop of everything that is happening in the company. I’ve learned that working in a small company has its pros and cons. The pros are that you build lasting relationships with your co-workers and communicating is very easy because everyone is less than 3 feet away from you. Another pro is being able to see it grow and being involved in the growing process. A con of working in a small company is that you constantly work with the same people. I believe working under the same conditions every day can effect your creativity. Working in the same small group your are more than likely to have the same kinds of ideas flowing throughout the group. This is something that I think can be avoided by taking a step back from the work an doing something creative like painting a picture or playing a game. I learned tips like this from my Creative Thinking class and it is something that I definitely try to apply when working at my internship .I still have a few weeks left in my internship with Advent and I look forward to learning more about the business.

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