‘American Idol’ Launches Clothing Line

Reality TV shows often further their profits by creating merchandise such as dolls and figurines, accessories like backpacks and lunch boxes, and other branded products. American Idol, however, will take that to the next step by designing a clothing line inspired by the hit reality show. The difference in this case is that the line will simply allude to the show, as the American Idol name will not be so obviously tied to the garments. “Authentic Icon” (which shares its initials with American Idol) will be featured at Kohls for six weeks starting April 20th, 2012.

Its been said that “Authentic Icon” will be incorporated into the show, which I can only assume would mean that contestants will be donning threads from the new line, further tying the brand to the show. Idol judge Jennifer Lopez also has a clothing line featured at Kohl’s, and one may wonder if this collaboration will feed off of one another.

Do you think this has the potential to be successful, or will it end up being another fruitless brand extension?

Source: AdAge

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