An ad For Female Eyes Only – Literally.

A new kind of creative OOH tactic has debuted in the UK: it’s part bus shelter, part advertisement, part facial recognition software. “Plan UK” is a charity that benefits young women struggling in developing countries, and its newest out of home campaign is for female eyes only – literally.

When an individual approaches the screen, an HD camera uses advanced software to determine whether or not the viewer is a man or woman (the technology is said to be about 90% accurate). Women see one message – what The Plan’s mission is and how they can help. When they camera recognizes a man, however, they are told that they have been denied the privilege of  viewing the ad because of the fact that they are men, much like women in underdeveloped countries are denied opportunities everyday because they are female.

This tactic sends such a powerful message; it is not meant to belittle men or send a “how does it feel?” admonishment, but rather to put into perspective what many women deal with in other civilizations. In today’s day and age, though in some aspects women are still fighting for complete equality, we take for granted our civil rights and how many battles have been fought for us in the past. Hopefully this campaign inspires others to work towards this charitable cause.


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  1. I saw this technology being tested at Ogilvy NYC in their Technology Lab. It has been used by Dove Women/Mens care products as well.

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