Apple Nation

It’s no shock that #Apple is currently in the top trending topics on Twitter with the release of the long awaited iPhone5. The Twitterverse is blowing up with live updates as the new features are announced. Apple as a brand has virtually taken over the Twitterverse today as it has taken over the hearts of its users since its creation. With the advent of the iPhone5 Apple is striving to gain on Google’s lead in the U.S. smartphone market and what better way than to get people talking via social media.

Already this morning as I opened up Twitter I saw twit pics of people stationed and ready at the Apple Keynote and even more tweets anticipating what exciting news the day would bring for Apple but what I found extremely interesting is Apple itself  took a subtle approach to social media. Apple seems to be the one brand that doesn’t need to spend extensive time and efforts to market themselves on social media because its loyal followers can do it all for them!

Did you ever visit Apple’s website? I’m sure you have even if your not an Apple product owner. I must admit it’s intriguing to see what all the hype is about. With the sites sleek design I found no trendy Facebook icon or Twitter bird but instead a hidden drop down menu with text for each social platform to enable sharing. Instead of going along with the social frenzy full force, Apple stays classy  by focusing on their polished brand and lets their best advertisers (the loyal consumerists) do the dirty work for them. It seems that by taking a relaxed approach to social media they formed the complete opposite, a world wide conversation surrounding the most innovative brand we’ve seen yet.

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