Athleta Speaks to the Do-All Woman

Most clothing and/or fashion brands highlight women enjoying leisure and the finer things – but Athleta is not just any women’s apparel brand. Bought by Gap Inc. in 2009, the brand has said to use Nike’s style as a reference but strives to put out athletic clothing that is more “colorful”, as they believe that “Nike is very black and white and dark and strong and sweaty and ‘gym'”, and some of their workout garb looks exactly like the men’s pieces. Athleta speaks to the woman who lives a strong, active lifestyle but still strives to maintain her feminitity.

Athleta’s advertisements are chiefly comprised of imagery – a woman doing yoga, running on the beach, stretching in her back yard. But the copy is fashioned in a way that may remind one of the beating sound of a runner’s feet hitting the pavement. One ad reads, “Get born. Find a group. Find a job. Find the one. Have one. Have two. Roast a chicken. Cut bangs. Run. Breathe. Run. Relax. Run a 5K. Run a 10K. Crunch. Listen Listen Listen. Be loved. Look lovely. Do good. Give back. We kick asphalt. Power to the She.”

Athleta’s new ads are successful in not only motivating women to get active, but showing them that they don’t have to compromise style and femininity while doing so, and that exercise can be empowering – and what woman doesn’t want to feel empowered?











Source: AdWeek

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