Blue Ribbon Meets Blue Line

I actually took these photos on that first 100+ degree day we had this summer. I had some business to take care of, but I saw it as a good opportunity to snap some photos of the Pabst covered El station I mentioned before (see comments). I’m no fan of beer, but I’ve heard that Pabst is particularly popular in Philly’s hipster bars. If all you have to do is make some art to get some freebies it’s really no surprise.

Septa’s Spring Garden station is the only outdoor stop that’s set up like an island (not including Frankford). The other islands are all underground. It’s an interesting spot to place print media. It’s pretty much surrounded by I-95 so it’s highly visible (luckily for Pabst these aren’t actual ads). All other outdoor (above ground) stops have two different sides facing each other.

I really dig the tanned one and the “god meets man” one.

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