CoDesign: Eight Things Stand-Up Comedy Teaches Us About Innovation

My Favorite Standup- Louis CK (not for the faint of will).

I’m a huge fan of stand-up. I think some the most creative and insightful people come out of it. It’s a great medium to look to as writers for inspiration and motivation. So much advertising is based on humor anyway, might as well learn from the best.

Anyway, I came across this article on about “Eight Things Stand-Up Comedy Teaches Us About Innovation.” I’ll list the eight things here, but definitely check out the site HERE for more details.

1. Know Your Audience, Then Ignore Their Advice
2. Data Does Not Replace Insight
3. Keep It Fresh
4. Develop Your Own Point of View
5. Create a Story Around the Material
6. Even Friendly Audiences Need to Be Won Over
7. Don’t Expect Everyone to Get It
8. You Can’t Test Your Way to a Decision


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