Countdown to Timeline!

I hope you guys haven’t been living under a rock and know what’s been creating a buzz since late last year. Facebook Timeline. I remember back in November/December I saw an option to change my profile to Timeline. I remember I checked it out, I wasn’t to fond of it but I said what the heck, Facebook would eventually change it anyways. The part that stood out to me was how easily I could go back in time. It actually brought back a lot of cool, fond memories from my freshman year at Temple.

It wasn’t long until Facebook announced that brand pages would be getting the switch on March 30th whether we liked it or not. Ever since, brands and social media professionals have been scrambling to figure out how this new feature will affect brands that are on social media. If you haven’t already, google facebook timeline resources so you too can know a little bit on how brands are adapting. Check out brands that have embraced timeline already: Coke, Live Strong, Red Bull 

At my internship, since I handle most of the social media, I decided to take on the task of switching over two of our accounts that would be affected by the new timeline feature. This opportunity will give me a chance to write copy, which is something I am always looking to do. This is also why I love being in advertising period. Just being in the midst of it all, when changes happen.

Change is good for you to constantly improve, if you haven’t switched over to timeline but you have that annoying box at the top of your profile, I’d suggest you do it. Especially if you’re in advertising or any communications industry.

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  1. I think it’s really smart you kept an opened mind about Facebook Timeline (most of my friends complained about it right away, since it was something new). I also think its a smart idea for brands to embrace Timeline. Blake Griffin’s Subway commercial featured in Timeline was really funny and spread Subway awareness!

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