DBC Launches new websites left + right

Since beginning my internship at Diccicco Battista Communications earlier this May, the entire creative team – web developers, writer, creative director and designer – have been hard at work on The Original Canal’s new website. The Original Canal’s, a liquor store based in South Jersey, is notorious for offering the lowest prices on beer + liquor allowed by the state of New Jersey. I, for one, think the new website is fantastic and successfully gives the brand a fresh, fun feel. Check it out at: https://www.originalcanals.com/

Additionally, DBC has been hard at work revamping its own website, another project that has been ongoing since I began and finally launched in the past few weeks. One of the great features of the new website is the animated backgrounds of each page: A different scene takes place in the background from around the agency, and the same feature is subtly carried out on the page introducing the “go-to” people of the agency. Visit DBC’s website at: https://dbcworks.com/

Overall, Diccicco Battista continues to showcase a wide range of exceptional talent as a creative agency, both through branding for clients as well as themselves.

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  1. Kristi, Do you have a screenshot of the old Canal’s site? I’d love to see what they had before just as a point of reference. I’ve been to Canal’s and this site definitely gives the brand a fresh look and great online presence. Is Canal’s going to follow through with this branding in the store as well, do you know?

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