Glamour Magazine April 2012
Cosmopolitan Magazine April 2012

I was walking around this past weekend and saw on the newsstand an interesting magazine cover. I talked about this in the past but I constantly see magazine companies playing around with their magazine covers. The Glamour Magazine has issued their April 2012 issue with Lauren Conrad with untraditional looking magazine covers. Usually we see magazine covers to be more organized or possibly chaotic but we don’t usually see magazine covers like the one from Glamour Magazine.

Unlike other magazines such as Cosmopolitan or Seventeen Magazine, they decided to put words around the figure in a very untraditional way. If you see from the different magazine covers you can tell that its packed with copy of the different contents that are featured in the magazine all over the place. But in this issue of Glamour Magazine, it’s a bit more quite and looks quite different. I don’t necessarily favor packed in copy but is this new way to go? I like some sort of organization like the one from Glamour Magazine but is it entertaining enough for the reader to purchase the magazine? I feel that when people are purchasing a magazine, they think about all the different content that they are interested in but, if there is only a few copy, will that get you to buy it?

Seventeen Magazine April 2012

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