Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Often times I find myself wondering why my days are filled with making bookmarks, filing other supervisors’ cabinets and making cardboard signs. It can be quite frustrating when you don’t feel your workload is aiding you for the future. However, after finishing the work and seeing the bigger picture, I have come to realize those small annoying tasks are given for a reason. For example, learning to file and answer voice mails and other office duties has given me a great skill and with many internships these days requiring knowledge in administrative work, I know those tasks were worth it. Being in the event planning field, I also find that doing these D.I.Y. projects like bookmarks and signs turns out to be of great help when we throw the events. My projects, often times, have become a central part of the events and I always feel a great sense of accomplishment.

If you do this work and have yet to feel that same sense of accomplishment, that is when something should be said. The purpose of an internship is to gain experience in the career field of your dreams. You earned that position and deserve nothing less. If you feel you aren’t getting what you bargained for, talk to your supervisor. Don’t be scared. Lack of communication will only make things worse. Your supervisor may not realize that he or she isn’t giving you a good internship experience and will appreciate your honesty.

I found a great post on the Intern Coach blog (from on approaching your supervisor with your concerns. It’s a great and short read and I hope it will help you! READ it and let me know your thoughts.

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