Dove Puts Real Women in Times Square

To further their “Campaign for Real Beauty” concept, Dove, a Unilever brand, is launching a campaign titled “Show Us Your Skin”. One component of the campaign is to feature the images of real-life, Dove-using women in New York City’s Times Square. These photos are certainly not restricted to head shots – women are encouraged to submit full-length shots of the skin they’re proud to be in.

What message is Dove trying to convey with this campaign component? That women, especially through using Dove body/skin products, can be free to feel comfortable with their bodies. My prediction is that the company will be careful to choose women with less-than ideal (in a “typical” media sense, anyway) bodies as a declaration that every body type is beautiful and should be accepted.

This is of course intended to gain popularity by the everywoman for Dove’s brand, as in the grand scheme of things, they are a business looking for profit. Do you feel that Dove is actually working toward a greater good, or a greater bank account?



Source: NYTimes

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