Eraser Tool?

David Beckham H&M print ad

This week I took a look at Mens Health March 2012 issue. In this issue with David Beckham on the front made me think of something. As I was looking through the magazine I came across the advertisement for H&M with David Beckham. There’s been so much buzz about this advertisement because I guess girls love him (that’s besides the point). If you check out this website, it says that the David Beckham advertisement was the most talked about on social media during the Super Bowl.

I kept wondering why there was a hole in his name. I searched and searched for the answer but after hours of research I gave up. It just looks like they got an 80 point round eraser and just erased a part of his name. Maybe they did this to show his body more? I have no clue. But it made me angry because it just bothers me so much that there is an empty space where the letter “D”, “A” and “M” are suppose to be. It really disgusts me that there is an empty space there. Does anyone feel the same way? Why? Why? Why is there an empty space?!

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