Event Posters: Tips & Inspiration

Posters are a boundary-crossing type of design. Since the invention of the lithographic press in the 1800’s they’ve  been the art of music and theater; today they’re used to let you know about everything from films to societal protest. To be effective, posters have to do several things effectively: they have to catch your eye and tell you all the important important information quickly. To be great, posters have to stick in your head, (just like with normal advertising).

Event posters are particularly interesting. They’re still advertising, yet they can push more boundaries because they’re not selling you anything tangible, (besides a ticket). There’s a feeling of “here’s something cool to look at while we tell you about this cool event” of course; I also think really awesome event posters kind of give you a taste of the kind of night you’re going to have when you get there.

This is pretty much what I want to do when I grow up. Here are some tips I found around the internet that were helpful, and some inspiration from people who know best.

Tips from Elbow Room 

50 Inspiring Gig Posters

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