A PR/Marketing Intern’s Journey in the World of Small Business

Working at Flourish Coworking Space has provided me with valuable experience in marketing and public relations. In my role, I’ve been primarily focused on planning events, promoting them to our target audience, and crafting compelling advertisements. Working with Laura DiFrancesco, I initiate the event planning process by discussing the event concept and scheduling. Once finalized, I transfer these ideas into Eventbrite listings, complete with cover photos I created.

Then, I type out marketing plan to figure out all the key elements I need to do to determine optimal timing and content for promotional efforts to to have a successful event. This includes not only social media posts but also personalized invitations to key individuals or groups. Additionally, I take responsibility for logistical aspects such as estimating attendance numbers, compiling supply lists, and setting prices to ensure smooth event execution. One aspect of my work that I particularly enjoy is creating engaging stories and reels for our Instagram audience.

Through this internship, I’ve gained hands-on experience in all facets of marketing and PR, equipping me with invaluable skills for my future career endeavors. Other specific things I learned from this internship area:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Utilizing Digital Tools such as Eventbrite, Canva, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, & Alignable
  • Event Logistics
  • Organization
  • Communication

Overall, my experience at Flourish Coworking Space has provided me with new knowledge in the professional world and gave me a deeper understanding of marketing and PR principles.

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