Female Consumers Trust Pinterest Above Other Social Media Sites

I recently posted about the wildly popular social sharing site Pinterest, and how it has serious potential to become something big in the world of advertising. Well, as a matter of fact, Adweek recently posted an article highlighting how, according to research done by BlogHer.com, women are more likely to trust information posted about products on social sites like Pinterest and blogs than they are Facebook or Twitter. 61% of women polled said they’d acted on a blog recommendation, 47% said the same for Pinterest, while only about 30% could say the same for Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, when comparing Pinterest to Twitter directly, more women (26% vs 18%) trusted Pinterest for product information.

Although only about 19% of the population surveyed stated that they actively use Pinterest at least once a week, it is projected to continue to grow as more diverse categories of “boards” gain popularity. Right now Pinterest is pioneered by the design community – however, when, say, “Political” boards are on the rise, the site can expect an expansion of members and monthly traffic.


Source: AdWeek

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