Fox Wrap Up

As my time as an intern at Fox winds down, there has been a lot of exciting projects I have been working on. For the past year Fox was secretly working on a new re-branding campaign which has been very exciting to work on. Due to the fact that it was a secret we could not discuss it out of the office, but behind the scenes it was interesting to work on. I also witnessed my bosses interacting with their Advertising Agency who was working on the campaign, which was great experience. It gave me some great insight to everything that goes on behind the scenes of creating a new campaign. This past Monday we unveiled the new brand to the students of Fox by having a “Re-Branding Party” in Alter. To psych students up about the event we had numerous raffles, and promotions the week before to remind students of this special time. It was great to see so many students show up to see the new brand, and after hearing some feedback everyone really enjoyed it. It was so exciting to involved in such a great event. Below you can see the new brand logo on a cake made for the event.


I feel so lucky to have had such a great experience at my internship this semester. The staff at the PR/Marketing Department are so friendly, and really treat the interns like part of the full time staff. I have learned so many new things related to the industry that I know I will be using post graduation in a job. I also realized that I would like to be involved in working in some type of higher education because of the great experience I have had. I would like to thank my bosses Jodi Briden and Jennifer Fitzgerald for their guidance and support; both of these women are great role models, and I hope to one day be as successful as they are!

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