Great Internship at i-g Creative

I have been told countless times that I have “the best internship”. Interning at a marketing and online publishing company has given me so many awesome opportunities and experiences. Because it a small company (5 employed staffers, 8 interns) with not so small clients (Google being the largest) there are a lot of tasks and responsibilities given to interns. The majority of our work consists of researching and attending events throughout the area and then writing articles about them and taking pictures to have posted on one of the 5 websites the company runs. We have access to events like concerts, gallery opening, restaurants, and seminars and industry parties, all of which have been great networking opportunities as well as industry experience.

Since I am an advertising major, I have also been given design jobs, such as designing flyers for events, editing clients’ work, and creating the “photo cards” for i-g’s various websites. We get to work in close quarters with all of our fellow interns as well as the employees, which creates a sense of community and allows for communal discussions, work related or not. It has been an especially good experience because of the fun atmosphere and open relationship that the company has created. If you were to walk into the office on any given day, the only way to differentiate the interns from the employees would be by the desks we sit at.

I have found from talking to my peers that not everyone has been this lucky and happy in their internships. Obviously, these things vary by company to company and person to person. Many college internships, from my understanding, don’t give their interns a lot of responsibilities, and they serve as more of a ‘secretary’ or are only there to watch and learn about what goes on in ad agencies. I think that the fact that I have been given actually tasks for both i-g Creative and their clients shows the trust and strong belief they have in us interns. When you are an intern, I think being made to feel like you are important to a company’s success makes you want to work harder, and results in you producing better work.  I firmly believe that my time spent thus far at i-g Creative has given me industry knowledge, real world experience, and personal growth that I will bring with me into my future ventures.

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