Have you ever been somewhere where you don’t want to leave? Well, that’s how I feel about Group Two.

My name is Wendy Ni. I’m an Advertising major with an Account Management concentration. I’ll be graduating this December, yay!

I was an Account intern for an agency that only works with home builders that connect with home buyers, called Group Two Advertising. I was so excited since it was my top pick, but going into the agency, I was also a bit nervous since I didn’t really fully grasp the home industry and its lingo. After a week of being there, I naturally understood because how do we learn if we don’t actively take initiative? Asking questions and trying to sit in on every client call opportunity I could, helped me get further and further into understanding why the people there loved what they do and what I could do.

I recently attended an event that the CEO and the rest of the agency helped put together. Meet the Geniuses, is an ALS Hope Foundation Fundraiser event that brought together the top Neurologists in the country working specifically with Neuromuscular diseases for a groundbreaking panel discussion. Not only did this event bring together a full network of professionals, families, but also those that want to help the research and studies of ALS.

Not only did I learn about advertising in an agency that has a niche towards the home industry, but Group Two had morals and values that I will forever remember and know that I took the initiative to be a part of. Being active and seeing change gives me an instant rewarding feeling, just like when I volunteer at events on my own time. So, being able to see that an agency as busy as they are can still make time for volunteering and holding big events that are for the greater good, gives me hope for how people perceive advertising and advertising agencies as a whole. I hope to see more agencies like Group Two.