I Thought I Knew What I Liked..(Mod Worldwide taught me otherwise)

Layouts. Design. Layouts. Design. Layouts. Print. TV. Layouts. Design.
These were the only things I knew I loved about advertising. However, other than a few layouts, I didn’t do much of any of that in my internship. I got to experience projects I would not have encountered at school. I did some e-blasts to send to mailing lists of the clients’. Those weren’t half bad, almost like print. Other days I got to cut images from their backgrounds. Not my idea of fun, but it has to be done. I resized images for the web, found images on the web, and monitored the web. I even got the design a little for the web. One day, I got assigned to think of a name for a brand new hospitality company. I thought all day.

I came up with over 100 different names. I got a headache. I got my list cut down to five. My two bosses felt that these were solid names. The next week I came in, after their meeting with the client, and saw that the client chose none of my suggestions. The client had apparently already been set on a name they came up with a while back. A little discouraged, I then got to work on logos and stationary for the client. I realized it was the most fun thing I had been able to do at my internship. Branding a company, from name, to logo, and stationary, etc. is something I find to be a challenge, yet enjoyable, and something I would consider doing in the future.

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  1. Branding is something I’ve come to learn is a very rewarding experience! Seeing a brand grow from square one, and being able to so say you created it, how amazing. Yes you will find that in your career you will have those discouraging moments but you can’t let that stop you from what you love to do! Learn from what discouraged you, work harder, keep learning, and you can only improve.

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