KFC’s answer to social responsibility…

KFC has been slowly changing its brand personality. It began by dropping its full name in favor of initials, and then it made the push toward “grilled” chicken. It’s almost as if “fried” has become a dirty word. It’s well and good that KFC is becoming health conscious (which is debatable), but why now? KFC has launched a new campaign called “Buckets for the Cure” in the same vein as Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer movement. At any time, there are a number of on-going campaigns and fundraisers for the “Cure.” How does it coincide with KFC in particular?


In all honesty it seems like KFC is on a guilt trip. It’s brand isn’t as visible as other leading brands in terms of social responsibility. Health and “green-ness” are really in the right now. KFC can’t really cash in on either so damage control is its best practice. By taking on the plight of a worthy cause (a complementary plight at that), it can still come out smelling like a rose.

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