KYW: A Different Perspective

I really wasn’t sure what to write this blog about, however it came to me just this past Friday when the Director of Digital Media from the advertising department asked for someone who was in “promotions and not doing anything at the moment” to be exact.  They normally would have asked Brian because he is above me and sometimes takes care of things for other departments, but my head supervisor, Nicole, had suggest that I take on the task.

The Director of Digital Media explained to me that they were inputting all of their advertising sales for April, May, and June of this year into the database.  The database consists of all of CBS 3’s communications from across the Nation, and there were a lot and everything had to be put in accurately and respectfully because all of CBS 3 sees these and thus can compare ad sales.  Likewise, these ad sales were specifically for digital media such as banner ads, etc.

After Drew, the Director of Digital Marketing, emailed me the database along with the confidential username and password, I first had to choose which CBS 3 station I was reporting for through a drop down box.  I entered all of the sales for CBS 3’s KYW AM Philadelphia, WOGL, WIP, and WPHT.  He had given me all of the information I needed which consisted of spreadsheet after spreadsheet of all of the sales records for three months which I pretty much needed a magnifying glass to see. Second, I entered each client and their CBS 3 ad sales representative accordingly.  Their clients ranged anywhere from Chickie’s and Pete’s to Shwartz to plumbing and eletrical companies I haven’t even heard of.  I then input the total amount of the ad sales for all three months and the quarterly amount (Drew explained they were both the same thing) and then I put in each sales for April, May, and June along with the flight dates of when they started and ended, followed by whether the client paid through agency or direct.

This task was tedious and repetitive, however I finally felt like I was doing something very important.  I guess the whole point of me telling this story is because even though I do fulfill important duties for the promotions and events department so operations run smoothly, I sometimes felt rather easily replaceable.  Don’t get me wrong I love working for them, they’re a great team, and I really do help them with a lot of work in the office; however I finally felt like I was doing something that was not only getting work done, but proud that they would give me that kind of responsibility.  And by responsibility I mean if I screwed up it would have been horrific.  I mean I was putting in numbers that were in the thousands, some advertisements sold for $10,000 for a slot in June.

I was surprised they were not hesitant to allow an intern to be accountable for all of this information, but on the other hand, I felt like I took the initiative and hopefully proved myself to them.  And I think that feeling alone was greater than just inputting numbers into a database.

Also, tomorrow we are attending two different kidcasting events, of which I will be at the Philadelphia Book Festival managing and promoting Kidcasting!  Here are some pictures from our last two the Cherry Blossom Festival and Doylestown Arts Festival:

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