Learning More About ME!

Whenever I think of advertising sales I get a bit antsy and discouraged. You see, advertising sales has always been something I wished I could do but didn’t think I was the right person to do it. You need to be a confident person that deals well with rejection to succeed.  While I may be on the outgoing side, I have never been one to deal with rejection very well.

Working at PHL 17, I have witnessed some of the daily duties of the advertising account executives and from my boss, Jeff Finken, who performs the research. Within the sales department, the account execs are required to maintain their relationships with the advertisers for the station. Some of these advertisers include WB Mason and Audi. With assistance from us, the interns, the account executives are better able to identify ratings and create sales packages to pitch back to their advertisers for retention.

Working with this company, I have realized that there is a lot more to sales then I had originally thought; there are actually things that I would feel comfortable doing within that field of advertising. I owe it to PHL17 for helping me realize different opportunities for me as opposed to shooting it down because of insecurities and ignorance.

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