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The Avenue at Night

Interning at the Avenue of the Arts (a non-profit organization) has proven to be an exciting and full-filling position.  I’m working under the Marketing Coordinator and the Executive Director.  Right now, we’re working to create presentations to inform businesses of who we are, what we do, and how we can partner with them to benefit both parties involved.  Since it’s a small office, I get to be involved in this process and I’ll be helping them to present our partnership opportunities.

What’s great about where I work is that the two women I work under are not incredibly familiar with advertising and media.  They look to me when they have a question or need me to research rates of a certain magazine, website, etc.  It makes me feel valuable to have them ask me questions and rely on my answer to help them.

I’ve also found that it’s good to offer to take on more work, if you can handle it.  It’s a good chance to show not only that you’re driven, but that you’re capable of taking on projects on your own.  The Marketing Coordinator had me look over our sponsorship package and I made a few suggestions that she agreed with.  She then had me look over the brochure and I offered to revise it.  I’ll get to meet with their graphic designer and work with him to create a more successful design.  Experiences like these let me show my bosses other skills I possess and gives me a chance to take the wheel and learn as I go. So when you see a project you know you can tackle, offer to do it! Make yourself a key player!

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Rachael Innerst

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