As my internship with Chestnut Hill LOCAL newspaper winds down I reflect on my experiences and find that I am very satisfied with my work here. Though it was a fairly smaller scale internship I got a chance to work on projects that bigger companies would not have so easily given out. Writing web pages, making ads, and designing banners for the new website has surely spoiled me for my next internship.

As of now I am wrapping up the work I have left for the New Mt. Airy LOCAL website that CHL will be coming out within the next month or so.  This includes final touches on the new website banner, making sure the contact list for business links is complete, and writing the welcome page for, among other weekly responsibilities.

I have done my due research for this new website, including going out with one of our sales associates to tour Mt. Airy and meet with local business owners in the area to see what they think about the new Mt. Airy LOCAL. It is one of my goals for this website to have a local business forum page, where Mt. Airy businesses can collaborate with each other and CHL to create events and promotions. This goal may not be achieved until well after I have left the LOCAL, but hopefully I can do what I can to help its development while I am still here. 

My time here has been a pleasure and if there was one thing I regret from this experience it’s that I couldn’t have stayed longer. I have learned a great deal about advertising sales, production, and office work in general; a big step for a guy who’s only been in the ad major one full semester. I hope to take all that I have learned with me to my next internship. I am proud to say I have made my mark here at Chestnut Hill Local Newspaper. 



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