Miami Ad School

So you’ve worked hard in all your advertising classes and got a few internships here and there and all the sudden graduation is around the corner, sound familiar? Well heres one solution to continuing your education in advertising and perfecting your book to surpass the tough competition that is heading straight for the agency interviews. Recently I’ve been looking into the possibility of heading to a portfolio school and one that seems to be showing up in all my searches is Miami Ad School. So naturally I went straight to my trusty Google search and took a look at their website. It’s trendy and cool but I wanted to get down to the nitty gritty and find out if this was really the place for me. I requested their “Sticker Book” where it gives you all the information you need to know in an easy and fun to play with booklet.

So here is where I started investigating. Year one at MAS you choose your “base school” where you will spend the entire year developing a foundation of skills. Their base schools include Miami, San Fran, Minneapolis, Hamburg, Madrid, Sao Paul, Berlin, Instanbul, New York, or Mexico City. Within your base school you also choose your program of study from art direction, digital design, copywriting or digital photography. Year two (also known as your 5th quarter) is where you can venture out and explore other bases in what they call your “quarter away” allowing you to study and intern in up to five cities around the world. Each quarter you can choose to stay longer at one base or pack your bags again and head off the the next adventurous city. By quarters seven and eight it’s officially time to transform yourself  in their words, “from a promising caterpillar into a killer butterfly”. Here you will develop an online portfolio, learn presentation methods, get job hunting tips, and develop the most important brand of all time, YOU. By graduation after your eighth quarter MAS gives you job placement help and displays your online portfolio in the prestigious Graduate Portfolio Site.

So if your itching to travel and continue growing and learning as an ad major while doing so Miami Ad School could be your next step! My advice is request the cool sticker book! It’s informative and who doesn’t love stickers? Then watch this video, “Miami Ad School Anthem” by Jacob Gale, Michael G, and Michael Malz which received the Top Dog Miami Winter 2011 award!


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