Millennials…A Generation of Change

We have been told that if we work really hard we will succeed. We won trophies. We learned that everyone is a winner. 75 % of us use social networking sites that have started revolutions… (And stalked our ex’s). We grew up with color tv’s, cellphones, computers, iPods, and DVD’s. Let’s face it over 20% of us currently own iPhones. We are the Millennials. And to be honest, We ROCK!

Yes I’m talking about those of us born in-between 1980 and approximately 1995. We are the most ethnically diverse and educated group of youth EVER and we are proud of that! But why is it that Millennials are complained about so much in the work force? Why do major corporations not get us?

Well to set the record straight we are not a bunch of self centered slackers living off their parents, as some will say.  Millennials are all about change and progress, and for the most part we are patient but are willing to give the extra push in order to see change. We elected the first Black President for those of you who seem to have forgotten.  And change is what we want to see everywhere; in the office, at school, at home, in the news, Church, and even through major corporations. And while we realize change takes time we’d like to see small steps of change instantly, via mobile apps, social networks, and major events.

We don’t want to hate our jobs. Our jobs must become a part of our lives just like anything else (after our 10 am Yoga class of course). But that’s okay because we are willing to work extra hard if that means Fridays off or an extra week of vacation each year. We are tired of working simply to live but we don’t mind living to work.  Millennials were tired of hearing about the recession before most of us were even old enough to vote, yet alone get a job.

We didn’t want to only hear about global climate change, world hunger, and the world AID’s epidemic. We want to be the change that the World needs. And what better way to bring change than to get major corporations with billions of dollars involved? Marketers have quickly realized that helping Millennials bring change to the world will not only win over consumers but also build brand personality. Starbucks, GAP, Pepsi, TOM’S Shoes, Whole Foods and other big league brands targeting Millennials have all taken a stance behind some sort of global social issue and while they continuously raise the price for their Venti non-fat double shot espresso late thingy, we continuously pay. And why? Because they are ultimately helping us make a change, or go green, or …well you get the point.

Pepsi seems to have the idea after revamping the PEPSI REFRESH PROGRAM, which is geared toward donating the millions of dollars normally spent on advertising to local programs and to those with ideas on helping or changing the world. Originally based on the idea of Optimism, found in Millennials, the campaign hosted commercials with bright colors and cheery words

And while helping save the world may not have been first on Pepsi’s agenda; their do good attitude has definitely set them aside from the Coke…I mean uh Competition.


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