My internship at Anthro!

This fall I decided to accept a Visual Design internship with Anthropologie. As many creative women with a taste for fashion know, their company’s aesthetic is one that blows other retail stores out of the water and for this, I feel so lucky to get to intern at a store I love!  The people I work with make this place feel like home. The Rittenhouse Square store  in center city team has such a positive energy and I love feeding off the creativity of those I am working with. These ladies do not stop moving… and I gladly dance along!
I am not sure how much of my work process I am technically going to be allowed to share while work is in progress on the blog because of company policy and I don’t want to step on any toes (especially being the new girl). I will find out for sure soon though. So for now I will just give you little glimpses into my work life!
Every monday and Wednesday since August 28th, I wake up before the sun is shining and start my commute to work to arrive by 7:45. I stop for a coffee to get my juices flowing and call in to the store to get let in by 8! Once inside, I find my way up to the hidden and seemingly non-existent 4th floor converted studio where all the magic is made. Myself and the other interns have coined it santa’s workshop since the fall interns are responsible for crafting all of the holiday displays! Like little elves building toys, each of our days begins with our task assignments for the morning, this shift runs from 8-12 and then our afternoons run from 1-4 and off to work we go. Each day of every week is different, which I have learned to love. Everything is new, intricately and meticulously crafted, and in the end, our displays are nothing short of beautiful.
Once my projects are completed and installed I can post them for all to see, so I will also be adding my finished designs/displays to my portfolio which is also conveniently online so I will be sure to update when I add them 🙂

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