My last Week

Thanks to MayoSeitz Media I will be considering a career in Media Planning!

I am on my last week at my internship. Tuesday is the last full day and Thursday is the Cinco de MayoSeitz party. Something I am extremely excited about. People at the office keep on saying saying its a great opportunity to network and meet people that could help me in the future.

I will truly miss going to the MayoSeitz Media kitchen and finding some donuts, hoagies, chocolates, banana chips, cake and veggie cream cheese bagels!

On Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) many vendors will go to the Agency and celebrate the partnership they have with MayoSeitz Media. Many different companies will attend and it’s going to be a great experience to meet all people while eating Mexican Food and wearing a sombrero!

Thanks to MayoSeitz Media I will go with better knowledge and more confidence to the next Media Internship I will be doing over the summer. Hopefully, the experience will be as rewarding as the one right now.

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