Neo cocktail cool

The picture above is a shirt that North Bowl had printed for one of the First Friday events. The art exhibit for this friday was titled Neo Cocktail Cool, and featured an artist by the name of Mike Bell, whose artwork I had a picture of in my last blog post. The First Friday exhibits have been getting a little more popular with each month that passes. The advertising we do for First Fridays consists of street flyers, event cards that were placed in local businesses and social media marketing. These forms of marketing/advertising get people in the door, but I feel that with a few additional advertising efforts the First Friday events could draw in a bigger crowd. With the popularity of smartphones I would think that on any advertising like the posters and event cards, that the use of QR codes would increase the reach and accessibility to information regarding the event. With people constantly checking their phones and using it for internet purposes, QR codes allow for a quick way to get people to go directly to the event page online.

With my internship period coming close to the end I would say I definitely enjoyed working behind the scenes at North Bowl. Though they do not reserve much money for outside advertising, I was still able to write some copy for in-house deliverables. Even though I was not able to do any guerilla/alternative advertising for NB, it remains an interest of mine and I have found it to be a possible pursuit of mine when it comes to my future career. In the next week or two as I’m finishing up my internship I am going to consult my supervisor, who is a graphic designer and see what she might think about making some for of alternative advertising. Alterntive/guerilla advertising can be much less expensive than many other forms, but when done correctly it intrigues the consumer and engages them in a way that a print ad or poster might not.

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