Nikon Pour L’homme?

This certainly isn’t a vintage ad, but it’s older than you may think. Personally, I can never get enough of those earth tones. Not to mention it’s a beautiful shot. It has an air of sophistication about it. I dig the subtlety of the type. I actually used a similar concept for my first art direction project. The Nuvis S looks like cologne. I made a bag that looked like perfume. I suppose that’s why this ad just jumped out at me.

I think this camera came out at a time when digital photography was still trying to find itself amongst casual users. Nikon positioned this model as a small point and shoot with a novelty design. Back then I’d say that it was a good way to stand out. While digital was still on the rise there was a trend of sleek, chic, and compact product designs. I remember plenty of interesting offerings, but at the time I was more concerned with financing my first mp3 player (pre i-Pod). In 2010, all things being equal, this doesn’t fly because now tech specs are everything.

And to answer the question…

D. Like a movie based on a true story.

GQ Gentleman’s Quarterly June 2000

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  1. There was another ad like this in the same Paris/Cafe series where the camera was on a cafe table and there was a bicycle behind it. Do you happen to have a picture of that print ad?

    I drew the ad in art class as a kid and I always wanted to know what the original looked like again.

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