Outrage Against Urban Outfitters’ “Kissing Girls” Ad

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to being criticized for being anything from too conservative (the company’s CEO donated to Rick Santorum’s campaign against legalizing gay marriage, among other things) to overly controversial (the company caused quite a stir with the message they were sending through their “eat less” shirts). Recently in their latest catalogue, the brand featured a page with two girls kissing, prompting the organization One Million Moms, who have already rallied (and failed) to get Ellen Degeneres off of the new JC Penny commercials solely based on her homosexuality. The organization asked its followers to stop shopping at Urban Outfitters to help send a message that images like this are unacceptable and sending the wrong message to young girls in their target market.

I found this article intriguing mostly because of the way the lines of formerly “inappropriate” things, such as images of open homosexuality, are being blurred with the times. Tolerance for differences in race, religion, and gender preference is far more accepted nowadays than it was even ten years ago, yet some people still cling to old beliefs.

Do you find this particular ad inappropriate, or does it deserve its fair share of understanding and tolerance?

Source: Fashionista

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