Pay Close Attention to Detail!

This week, I am looking through People Magazine. I was interested in how these magazines that supply a great amount of publications throughout the year, seem to have very interesting advertisements. On the current issue of People Magazine (February 20th Issue) with the cover of Adele I found an advertisement that caught my attention.

Scope Dual Blast Print Ad

We all know how mouthwash works. It cleans your mouth of foul smells that are caused by foods such as onions. In this print ad for Scope Dual Blast, it depicts a bottle of Scope going through an onion as if it was a bullet. The copy is so simple and I loved it. “The onionator”. I thought it was hilarious because it’s showing that Scope Dual Blast mouthwash can get rid of smells such as onions. But even though the copy is great, the image wasn’t as strong as it could be when you look at it closely. It’s supposed to be a bottle of Scope blasting through the onion with a trace of liquid. However, when you look closely at the image, it doesn’t look like liquid at all. It looks like particles of dust rather than a liquid substance.

I understand the challenges of Photoshop and how from time to time it’s difficult to make advertisements look just perfect. Even though they tried to make the advertisement look like water, you can tell it just looks like particles of dust (in green). I was so distracted by how the liquid looks fake I didn’t even realize the onion pieces looked fake as well. You can’t really tell from the print ad because of the quality of the picture but, if you go to their homepage, they have the similar image in their banner. You can see that the bottle going through the onion and the liquid still looks fake and so does the onion particles.

Scope Dual Blast Homepage Banner

I figured that big companies such as Scope would hire a better advertising agency to create their advertisements but, it seems that it failed short. The strategy and copy are brilliant but I think the image could have been better.

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