Rapture, Blister, Burn at the Wilma Theater

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Pictured above is a photo of a play about feminism, slasher films and relationships. As October 8th approaches, so does the Wilma Theater’s first performance of Gina Gionfriddo’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, Rapture, Blister, Burn. I only have been at the Wilma for about a month, working in the development office on South Broad Street. So far, it has been an incredible ride full of email mixups, poster-ing Temple’s campus, learning how mail merge works and interacting with the theater’s donors and funders. Plus learning the difference between a donor and a funder. It’s easier than you think.

You may be sitting there and asking yourself, “Hey, this isn’t an agency, how is that an advertising internship?”

Well, it’t not technically an advertising internship, but it is teaching more about advertising than working within a communications firm or large-scale agency. Development is basically account management, but I’d say with more information. I’m excited to see where this experience takes me, and I’m super pumped to be working the show’s actual opening night on October 15th. Everyone in the office is welcoming and so open to collaboration with each other, which is incredible to see in a successful theater within Philadelphia. Working with various departments especially marketing is eye-opening to see how each department works and flows together to create something truly special.


Photo Copyright 2014 The Wilma Theater

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