Rebranding at Finch

4-17-2014 11-37-59 AM

I was fortunate enough to be offered a research and strategy internship from Finch Brands, a boutique branding company located in the heart of old city. Finch Brands has a team of incredibly talented and exceedingly helpful individuals. Going into this internship, what I really hoped to take away from it were two things: a clearer understanding of what steps really go into rebranding a client and how exactly to be a brand strategist. I am confident that I could walk away today with a completely clear understanding of how exactly a branding company works, what really goes into rebranding a client, and most importantly for me, what a brand strategist really does. What I have learned through experience is unparalleled to any classroom lesson and has helped me to feel confident about going off into the working world after college.

Over these past few months, I have not only improved my research skills, data analyzing skills and presentation skills, but I have really been able to experience first-hand what occurs behind the scenes. I have felt very much a part of the research and strategy team here at Finch, and feel that I am able to positively contribute to the company.  

While it is a long process to completely rebrand a client’s company, it is an incredibly interesting process. I have started at the very beginning of the progression, creating competitive audits to show the client just who their competition is and all details pertaining to how their competition has branded itself. Once the client has been subjected to this information, data collection methods begin.

In order to effectively determine the target audience and what it is consumers want from the particular client’s company, mass amounts of qualitative and quantitative data are collected. Once the data is collected and analyzed, key findings are determined. The key findings are then how the company determines what to focus the campaign on.  

                As an advertising major with a focus in research, the intern position I am filling is exactly where I want to be. While I may only be completing a small fraction of the work that goes into the work behind a rebrand (given there are so many steps), when everything is complete and there’s a finished campaign and a complete rebrand of a company, it’s very satisfying to know that I contributed to the work!

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