Release Your Inner Bond

We’ve all been there, sitting in our advertising classes trying to think of some unique way to promote brand awareness or sell the product. They key is to do something people will remember and appreciate. This is not news to the James Bond franchise which is preparing for the release of the newest movie, Skyfall.

In preparation for the release Coke helped by venturing to a European train station to give people the chance to release their inner Bond. A coke machine was placed in the station where people could take a moment to to put in their information for the chance to win exclusive tickets for the premiere of Skyfall. The stunt was not as simple as you may first perceive. After entering their information the participant had 70 seconds to make it to a marked platform to claim the tickets. After about 5 seconds of realization off they went dodging obstacles in true Bond style.

The final step was to sing the James Bond theme song as the actors from the obstacles joined in. It was really a brilliant tactic that I know caught my attention and obviously had me talking. It embraced the essence of James Bond and created great awareness. The best part was the video that captures the whole escapade was used a viral element and released online to expand its reach. Take a look at the epic video below and tell me what you think!


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