Retailers Jump on Board with “Fashion Star”

NBC’s “Fashion Star” is a fairly new program with a somewhat old concept, not unlike that of Lifetime’s Project Runway. However, advertising is far more integrated into the show that its previous counterpart in several ways. The synopsis of the show is a competition for aspiring fashion designers to create clothing garments in hopes of making it big. The difference between Fashion Star and Project Runway is that Fashion Star winners have major retailers – namely Macy’s, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue, bidding to sell the contestants’ garments in their stores, thus driving traffic to said retailers so that viewers will purchase the clothing.

Beauty product retailers such as L’Oreal, Suave, and Maybelline plan to get in on a product placement deal with the show, which would allow their products to be featured during prep-time before fashion shows, in addition to commercial spots during the program. Since the overall theme of the show is fashion that is accessible to the everyday woman, these beauty retailers fit right in, as most of them sell in stores such as Walmart and major pharmacies.

Do you find the concept of integrating reality shows and advertisers trite, or a brilliant tactic?


Source: AdAge

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