Saying hello to the future @ LevLane

As we approach the end of fall semester, let’s take this opportunity to reflect. Lucky to have been given the chance to intern at LevLane, I would be sad to leave. Fortunately, they have asked me to stay and continue working in the Traffic and Production department. I’m overwhelmed with joy, and see great things coming from elongating the experience.

Because LevLane is rather small and close-knit,  one of the greatest take-aways thus far are the connections. The people I work and interact with have been nothing but awesome. Their guidance and welcoming personalities have given me the chance to taste all aspects of this agency- not only co-workers, but friends. They go out of their way to get me involved in any way they see fit, and I couldn’t be more thankful for their encouragement.

LevLane is place where I can see myself building a professional family. It’s a place where your happy to be every early morning, and somewhere you don’t want to leave. I’ll be staying in the Traffic/Production department, connecting with the entire creative process: from the opening of jobs, to overseeing the work produced, from handling the revisions made, to releasing the final products. I even get my hands on some copywriting assignments as well! It’s great position to be in, especially for someone who’s in the myst of learning the in-and-outs of a real-world agency.

This coming year, the agency will be taking on a few new clients such as Massage Envy and Drexel University. This new business is very exciting, but as we say hello to new clients we’ll be saying good-bye to old ones such like Beneficial bank. I’m anticipating a great year and can’t wait to see the work to come. Everyone look out for our Center City District’s Winter Restaurant Week advertisements that are soon to hit bus shelters and subway stops everywhere.

I'll keep everyone updated on my future at the agency and again, thank you LevLane for showing me what it means to love your job!


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