After looking at the Glamour Magazine cover, I was thinking about something. Nudity. We see from time to time magazine covers with nudity. I understand that sex does sell and it gets the reader to buy the product. But my initial thought was that, why would there be nudity of women in a magazine cover for women. (and for men as well) So I started digging around and I remembered couple nude magazine covers.

I wanted to start off with the Glamour Magazine for the current issue. People are all infatuated with reality stars like Lauren Conrad but, her being semi nude in the cover sells to women? What about the cover of Elle Magazine with pregnant Jessica Simpson nude? Does female nudity sell to other women? On the other hand, in the past, GQ had an issue of Sacha

GQ July 2009 Issue

Baron Cohen on the cover nude (as a comedy issue). Does naked men sell to other naked men? It was weird to see that so many magazine agencies made nudity covers for the same-sex. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just saying wouldn’t it be better making nude covers for the opposite gender?

Elle Magazine April 2012 Issue

RollingStones had a cover of True Blood stars nude for their September 2010 issue and I think this made more sense because there were both men and women naked on the cover. I know sex sells and we can all agree on that. But I just think that it would be more successful for magazine agencies to sell nudity for the right target. I think if Lauren Conrad was semi nude on the cover of GQ, more people would have bought it rather than Glamour Magazine.