On the same issue of Us Weekly (February issue), I found another advertisement that I found interesting. It was a sweepstakes advertising for Stride and Trident gum. Well, come to think of it, it may not be that interesting however, it just caught my eye because I think they did a bad job with the image. Supposedly, Stride and Trident gum are having a sweepstakes of how you can win $50. You just buy a pack of gum and you have a chance to win $50.

This is all fine but the image they chose just caught my eye. It is an image of a man with a mouth open and his tonsils write out “win 50 bucks instantly”. But, when I first saw it I read, win so bucks instantly. I guess in a way because they have the copy on the bottom you can guess they are saying 50. Also, by seeing “win” and “bucks” you can guess that it is trying to say 50. But I just thought that they did a poor job making the number 50 look like 50. It definitely looks like it says “so”. I just thought this was a weird design. They could have just tweaked it a little more  to make it look like a number.

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