Speaking up

As an intern you think you know your place in the agency. There are preconceived notions before even going into an internship that in order to do well. You should do what you are told, to stay out of way of the higher ups, and just mind what you say your employers. Now most of that is true however, do not be afraid to speak up! If I have learned anything it is that your employers want to hear what your ideas are and what you have to say, that’s why they brought you on in the first place. Just recently at my internship at D4 Creative Group I work more on the new business end of things at the agency. A prospective client was coming in for a meeting and it was my job to look up any new news or information that had been recently released so that we could be up to date for the meeting. While I was looking for news articles I also dug through the client’s website to gain an understanding of who these people were and what they were trying to accomplish with the organization. After I was finished with my research I sat down with my boss to discuss the new stuff that I had found out. Once that was finished he started talk about the organization itself and his understanding was much different than what I had gotten out of it. I spoke up and told him after my digging this is what I believed their target was and what their mission is. I showed him a few things that I had seen on their website and other research that I had done and in the end I was right. He even thanked me for searching and grasping an understanding for what they did because if I had not he might have gone into a meeting with them not fully understanding the whole picture of who they wanted and what they did and therefore would not be able to develop as accurate suggestions for future improvements in the advertising and website content. In the past I would have been too afraid to speak up, but these people hired you for a reason. They know that you are intelligent and they want to you contribute to the agency.

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