Springing into Action: Poptent


I’m Gabby and this summer I was given the amazing opportunity to be the marketing intern at Poptent. Based  in Orange County, CA, with an office in Conshohocken, PA, Poptent has been doing amazing things since its start in 2007. In basic terms, the company combines two powerful trends in video production, creation and distribution. Rather than using traditional models, where clients such as Seaworld and Cracker Jack turn to advertising agencies and the same old creative directors for video creativ (from concept to content), Poptent specializes in crowdsourcing, connecting independent filmmakers with national brands. This allows a faster turn around time for the client, and allows a global community of 50,000 writers, directors, cinematographers and animators to build their portfolios, make money, and create commercials for some of the most recognized brands in the world.

The experience at Poptent has taught me a lot about the Advertising and Marketing industry as a whole, and  I’m beginning to realize that while each employee has a certain title, each wears a lot of hats, and manages to do it quite well. The people behind the company are young, innovative and highly creative individuals who inspire me to work harder every single day. Working at a company that caters to thousands of people, makes you realize how on top-of work you have to keep yourself, and the positive effects that come from being organized. You count on your fellow employees, to bounce ideas off of and really work in teams to make projects work effortlessly. While this is pretty standard in any industry, most of my creative work for as a Copywriter in my studies resulted in solo-projects, and it was refreshing to see this business model operate from the inside.

I really feel grateful that the staff here at Poptent has made me feel like one of their own, and the amount of responsibility and wide range of tasks they have thrown at me. This company is doing BIG things, and everyone should take notice. If you haven’t checked out their site, what are you waiting for? Click Here!


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