Stella Artois Holiday Carolers Go Straight To Your Doorstep

As the holiday season gets into full gear it may be getting harder and harder to finance all of the gifts you want to give to all your friends. Stella Artois has a creative and easy solution. Let me introduce you to Carole, who personally travels to your friends house to deliver an outstanding lyrical performance and personalized message.

How it works is by first visiting the Stella Artois website or by using the Facebook App. You are then directed to send Carole to a friend’s house or your own. Then she invites you to come on in as you tell her who she will be visiting by typing in your friend’s name and their address. Additionally you can choose to enter a holiday message for your friend. After  finally entering your friend’s email address, off she goes! Soon your friend will get an email stating a holiday message has arrived. They then can view a video made especially for them personalized with their neighborhood via Google Street View and the iconic Stella Artois glass engraved with their name. This genius idea allows for a viral holiday sensation and with the addition of Google Street View creates a truly personalized experience without the price tag. So this holiday season give your friend’s the gift of a smile and do it digitally through Stella Artois.



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