Temple Students Aren’t the Only Ones Doing the Teaching

Throughout the semester my team and I have been working hard to create lesson plans for the advertising workshop, make incentives for students to join and project just how successful and fun the world of media and communications can be.

It isn’t easy work and it takes time and dedication to efficiently cover each topic, but the payoff is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime  that I wouldn’t think twice about continuing or suggesting the program to a fellow student.

By spending once a week with high school students, it reminds you what it’s like to be that age and gives you the chance to impact someone’s life the way you wish someone had done for you.

I’m from a rural area in North East PA and many of the students never dreamed of further education after graduating. Their motive was to enter the work world and make a living to support themselves, so that being said, there were very few positive influences for those who chose to continue on to college.

Luckily I have a supporting family that guided me through the process of beginning the next chapter of my life, but many were left to their own devices in that small town. I see the same happening on a bigger scale throughout Philadelphia’s public school system, yet the media has yet to tap into the severity of their conditions.

Although this may not directly affect an individual, in time our nation’s decisions and status will depend on these non- motivated students as they enter the job force and make up the majority of our population. This will impact our society as a whole, and by then, it may be too late to make a difference.

So through this program, I believe I am an active mentor to inspire students about further education, showing them an attainable path to a bright future. This in turn supports the program as it builds a pipeline of creative intellects with high potential to enroll in college, start a career and be active members of society that may continue this cycle to maintain a strong foundation for our nation’s well being.

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