That Which Does Not Kill You…


So I’m 8 weeks into my intership at Weston Fitness.  Yes I have been counting the weeks, days and seconds.  But it is going pretty well, I can now curl up to 95 pounds.  But in all seriousness, these few weeks of ‘work’ experience have allowed me to gain some insight into myself and my career.  I am now fully confident in the fact that I want nothing to do with the business end of advertising.  Being a copywriter in an environment that is 50% marketing based, I am not hesitant to say that my abilities in sales are absolutely terrible (if there at all).  But this only motivates me more to better myself as a writer and take the other 50% of my job title to a higher level.  I have continuously churned out ideas for the monthly flyers.  But unfortunately I have also learned the frustrating process of actually getting something okayed by your superior.  My first idea for the November flyer was accepted at first and then changed completely without my knowing.  Kind of a let down.  But while I am not happy with the fact that I have yet to successfully publish anything, I am becoming more determined to get something okayed and at the same time drastically increasing my portfolio with rejected (but quality) ads.  Gyms are tough to write for.  Kind of a one-dimensional industry and the fact that I never know exactly what my boss is looking for doesn’t help much either.  That’s all for now.

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