The End of the “Everywoman” in Marketing

Not long ago, two women dominated the female market, reaching and influencing their target in all aspects possible – TV, print, radio, you name it. Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey’s reign over the communications industry seemed both everlasting and impervious. But, as with anything in our industry, all good things come to an end. Or do they?

Its been said that site like Pinterest and the ever-present Kardashian Family are stealing the spotlight from these media mavens – also known as “The Everywoman”. As it turns out, the female consumer is evolving, and depending on her to commit to one brand is unlikely in today’s day and age. There’s been a shift from the “alpha girl”, i.e. the woman who gets all her advice from ONE role model, to the “gamma girl”, who relies on the advice and recommendations of her peers for purchasing decisions. Gone are the days when women buy everything Martha Stewart brand simply because her name is on it.

This is a preaching to the choir situation for my own Y Generation, in that we tend not to believe things without experiencing them for ourselves. Gen Y-ers question things rather than doing what they are told, which has resulted in the rejection of mega brands and the desire to seek out both independent thought and companies. In the end, Oprah and Martha Stewart may have been the reigning queens in female consumption influence during their prime, but it is unlikely that another will take their place someday.

Source: AdWeek

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