The kitchen table internship comes to a close and a career unfolds…

I have a job. Sheffield Furniture & Interiors has hired me as their official Copywriter. The responsibilities that I have as employee are basically the same responsibilities that I had as an intern, which is doing almost all of the writing for the ads, their website, and their newest blog. I was extraordinarily excited when they hired me, because the owner of the company said that he has been through advertisers who’ve been in the industry for 10 years and he has never been pleased with any of them. He said that he rarely feels the need to correct or change what I write for them because it seems that I have a knack for understanding the audience/how to talk to them. I am so, so super excited about this opportunity. Getting a job is more validating than I could have ever imagined!

Because the creative team there is small (art director/researcher, web director/photographer, and me as copywriter) I have a stronger voice than I ever would have hoped for at another first-time-job. My boss genuinely acknowledges what I have to say and what I think, and I believe I bring a good amount to the table since I am just coming out of school and everything is so freshly learned. I am also learning a lot about how the company functions on every level, including research and web design (two things I did not major in in college but am familiar with).

I am super excited about the big plans that the company has that I will  get to play a role in, including: redoing the website and all the copy on it, starting a blog from the ground up and keeping up with weekly posts, and more. I know that so many of my fellow almost- graduates are looking for jobs and finishing internships, and I just want to say goodluck! You are leaving an awesome University and (besides the economy itself) don’t let anything hold you back from showing how AWESOME you are at what you do 🙂

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  1. Megan, that is awesome! I am so happy that you found something for after college. That is what most of us are hoping to find and the fact that you will be such a big part of the company is great. Best of luck to you!

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