The Power of Pigs #1

I have an internship with Hatfield Quality Meats in their customer solutions department. Customer Solutions is split into three separate parts, Marketing, Sales, and customer service. I am the only intern in the whole department and I mostly help out the salesmen for the fresh pork team and help out with marketing for the entire company. Hatfield is the company that does the Philadelphia Phillies Dollar Dog Night. Hatfield is owned by the Clemens Food Group which is a branch of the Clemens Family Corporation. The Clemens Family Corporation owns many different businesses including pork production, real estate, transportation, cold storage facilities and farms. They used to own Clemens Family Markets until they sold it. It is owned by the Clemens family and has been owned by them since 1895 when it was first started by John C. Clemens. It is a Christian company and they focus their company on three main principles, they are integrity, ethics, and stewardship. They feel that it is their obligation to take care of their products from the time the pigs are born, to the time they are served to the customer. It is nice to know that the company that you are supposed to be marketing and promoting holds to these kinds of values. In the business of pork, you deal with a lot of negativity towards your product. It can come from how you treat the animals before harvest, the way they are killed or harvested, if your meat is healthy for people to eat, and how your product is seen by the consumer. Overall, I am really enjoying my internship and I could see myself working at Hatfield after I graduate.

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