Too Boring.

Detail Magazine Advertisement
Ray Ban Previous Campaign

I continued to look through Detail Magazineand found something interesting and very different. I don’t know if any of you followed Ray-Bans print advertisements but they had series of Ray-Ban campaigns. There had series of interesting campaigns done by the brand Ray-Bans but in the Detail Magazine, I came across an advertisement for sunglasses and it seemed a bit off.

In the magazine, they were advertising different brands of sunglasses such as Louis Vuitton and Ray-Bans. The advertisement for Ray-Bans still seemed consistent with the previous advertisement campaigns although, it seemed to lack creativity. Even though it was a series of advertisements for different brands of sunglasses, it seemed off to me that Ray-Bans would advertise their sunglasses as a group with other brands of sunglasses rather than focusing on their own creative spark. The copy on the bottom of the page says “Solar Power” and there were 3 spreads of different sunglasses brands that had to same look and feel as these two.

I just didn’t like the fact that Ray-Bans chose to be featured in this group of advertisements with other famous brands. I think it’s not their style of advertising because as you see the previous campaigns for Ray-Bans, you can see that they have fun and interesting way of putting together their campaigns. The current campaign for Ray-Bans is the 75thanniversary campaign with series of images of nostalgic photographs. Their campaigns seem to change from time to time but I Just thought that it was weird to be featured in a group of sunglasses rather than focusing on their own campaign.

Ray-Ban 75th Anniversary Campaign

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